The DBA programme is a well-structured, integrated doctorate programme specifically designed for practicing managers who aspire to further develop their understanding of management beyond the Master's degree level. The programme aims to broaden participants' management knowledge and horizons, hone their critical thinking and strategy generation skills and to equip them with the skills needed for conducting independent research required to identify the challenges and opportunities facing organizations. With the combination of taught courses and the application of rigorous research methods, participants will learn how to effectively lead change, make strategic decisions and enhance corporate accountability in the dynamic business world.

Achievable in 3 years
Achievable in 3 years

Taught courses will be completed in around 1.5 years and the research stage (proposal and thesis) can also be done in 1.5 years, so total is 3 years.

World class faculty
World class faculty

We have faculty from around the world teaching and supervising our programme, including Prof. Andrew Delios from National University of Singapore.

Unique mentorship system
Unique mentorship system

At the beginning of the study, mentors can be allocated to students to facilitate their research progress. It is particularly essential to students who may not have sound research knowledge/background. This one-on-one mentorship system helps a lot in refining the research scope and direction and eases the whole research progress.

Supportive collegial learning environment
Supportive collegial learning environment

Students from across intakes may have classes together. This creates an even better cohesive bonding among students. Some of them who has similar research topics even formed study groups to discuss and learn from each other.

Programme: Business Administration
Degree Awarded: Doctor of Business Administration
Degree Type: Professional Doctorate
Year of Entry: 2021
Programme Duration: 3-6 years part-time
Funding Nature: Self-financed
Tuition Fee: HK$678,000
Study Location: Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Admission Requirements: Click here for details
Application deadline: 7 June 2021 (for non-local)
26 July 2021 (for local)
FACULTY: School of Business