Some of the thesis topics of our graduates are listed here:
Author Thesis Title Abstract and TOC
Dr. HO Mei Lan Anna (2019) The R&D Human Resources Slack-Firm Performance Relationship and the Moderating Role of Foreign Ownership - A Study in Traditional Manufacturing Firms in China Learn More
Dr. TAI Kin Hon Samson (2019) From on-air to online: An integrated framework for television viewership prediction Learn More
Dr. WAN Cho Yee (2019) From Entrepreneurial Learning to Entrepreneurial Intention – Mediation and Moderation: Evidence of University Students in Hong Kong Learn More
Dr. NGAN Yu Loong (2019) A Study on the Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy Regime on Money Left on the Table and Net Underpricing Cost for Hong Kong Initial Public Offerings Learn More
Dr. NEUBER Andreas (2019) Corporate Governance & Culture Learn More
Dr. ZHOU Jianjin (2019)

An empirical study on the influence of consumers’ low carbon consumption behavior based on Psychological reaction process


Learn More
Dr. CHAN Suk Kuen Alison (2018) To take or not to take the risk? Toward a greater understanding of employees' cognitive decision process in change-oriented organizational citizenship behavior Learn More
Dr. NG Sai Chun Johnny (2018) Independent Non-Executive Directors in Family-controlled Listed Companies in Hong Kong – A Qualitative Study Learn More
Dr GAO Yanli (2018)

Sense of Emergency for the Environment and Commitment to Environmental Protection: The Effects of Social Institutions and Values

環境緊迫感與環境保護承諾: 社會制度及價值因素如何發揮作用

Learn More
Dr. JU Xuesi (2018)

The Relationship Between High Commitment Work Practices And Turnover Intention: An Investigation Into The Mechanism And The Contextual Factors

高承諾工作實踐與員工離職傾向的關係: 內在機理與情境因素探究

Learn More
Dr. AU Kam Man (2018) How does Empowering Leadership impact on Innovative Performance? A Study on the Role of Employees’ Entrepreneurial Orientation, Values and Creative Self-Efficacy Learn More
Dr. JIANG Qin (2018)

Transformational Leadership and Followers’ Objective Performance: The Mediating Role of Leader – Member Exchange

變革型領導對部屬實際經營績效的影響: 探討領導-部屬交換的仲介作用

Learn More
Dr. MIAO Xiaoyang (2018)

The Impact of Leadership on Innovation and Performance: Taking Small-Medium Enterprises in China as an Example

領導力對創新和業績的影響: 以中國中小企業為例

Learn More
Dr. SUN Wanling (2018)

Diversification and Firm Performance: The Mediating Effect of Human Intellectual Capital

多元化與企業績效: 人力知識資本的仲介效應

Learn More
Dr. LEUNG Pak Chuen (2018) State Ownership and Firms' Growth Performance: The Perspective of Institutionally Shaped Agency Learn More
Dr. NG Suk Wai (2017) The Message Features of Chinese Language eWOM and the Combined Effect of Valence and Argument Strength on Product Attitude and Purchase Intention: An Elaboration Likelihood Perspective Learn More
Dr. LEE Lai Ming (2017) The Economics of the Gold Price Learn More
Dr. TANG Yee Yuk (2016) Can Stock Visibility or Neglected-Firm Effect help explain the Outperformance of HK-Listed Mainland Companies? Learn More
Dr. LEE Lai Yung Ada (2016) A Social Dilemma Perspective on Socially Responsible Consumption Learn More
Dr. YEUNG Chi Tit (2014) Authentic Leadership and Employee Outcomes: Examining Mediating Effects Learn More
Dr. CHAU King Nui Helen (2014) Social Capital, Absorptive Capacity and SMEs Performance: The Moderating Roles of Employee Turnover and Intra-firm Information Sharing Learn More
Dr. LEE Lok Man Joseph (2014) The Impact of Service Recovery Justice on Customer Satisfaction: The Moderating Effects of Cultural Variables and Brand Equity Learn More
Dr. LEE Wai Yi Melanie (2013) Towards A Richer Understanding of NGOs in Hong Kong - A Market Orientation Perspective Learn More
Dr. NG Ming Tak Victor (2013) Mergers and Voluntary Turnover in the Hong Kong Banking Industry: An Extended Application of the Unfolding Model of Employee Turnover Learn More